Pride of Spitalfields - Framed

Pride of Spitalfields - Framed


Conservation Framed with AR70 Glass.

A small pub with a big heart, tucked away down a side-street of the bustling Brick Lane. During lockdown, we were given an opportunity to look at the things in our lives and wonder what they would be like without them. The pub could easily be dismissed as a place of frivolity and therefore unnecessary. But it is in the pub that frivolous debates turn into ideas. Ideas that become the basis for creativity, experience and collaboration. All this - and a lot of fun too!

3 Colour Screen Print on 360gsm Landor Grey paper.

ED. /30

Signed by the Artist.

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.


Height 38 cm / 15 "
Width 53 cm / 21"