Jo is a "street" artist in every sense of the word. Originally from, and still studio based in the centre of Sheffield she has shown, and worked, all over the world: Tokyo, Cambodia, Pittsburgh and London amongst her locations of focus. The moments of a city's life she captures seem to point forward and backward at the same time while creating a unique moment in time. Sometimes painting large scale murals and major projects, across continents but also describing the essence of city life with drawn narratives of the often forgotten ignoble buildings that make up a city and its history. A project Steel City, City on the Move looked at the shape and identity of the twin 'steel cities' of Sheffield and Pittsburgh. This exhibition from 2015 is a beautiful illustration of Jo's modest yet
erudite observation of humanity's sameness under similar conditions. When asked about her work, Jo explains "I don't really like describing my work. I think that's why I make pictures and animations - I like to tell stories, but I haven't mastered the written narrative. I usually describe myself as a contemporary urban artist and sometimes when at my least articulate I would say "I draw buildings". The animation she alludes to here is the award winning "Things Change" short film of the Village
Underground Wall in Shoreditch. 4 weeks of work edited to a 3 minute short which unsurprisingly went viral and how we at Art of Protest first became aware of Jo's art. Jo Peel spends her time documenting in great detail her fascination with everyday scenes and scenarios. Offering her view, that it is these cityscapes that are as important to the topographic
psyche as the natural beauty of the nature beyond it. This is not finding beauty in the dust; this is offering a new language to understand what is beautiful. Projects clients include: Chanel/ The Southbank Centre/ Moniker Projects/ London Legacy Development Commission/ Queen
Elizabeth Olympic Park/ Enfield Council/ Sheffield University/ Sheffield Council/ East Street Arts/ Leeds BID/ The Canal and River Trust/ Chelsea Flower Show.