Protest - to declare solemnly or earnestly; affirm; assert.

Street art, tattoos and advertising are the visual languages of

people today becoming an Esperanto for a globalised world. Much of

the cultural production born of this reality, does not break through to

everyday conversations outside of major cultural centres. Combine this

with the algorithms of the internet and there becomes the

need for a physical, analogue route to chance upon culture which

isn't already pre-sorted for you. The goal of The Art of Protest Gallery is

to push these conversations beyond the silos of country, class

and social media groups; and ultimately illuminate the common ground

that we all stand on through the prism of contemporary art.


If we are to engage and recognise the social value of a more connected

global community; the "Art" resulting from these changes needs to be

dispersed, traded and owned beyond closed interest groups. If the

culture of a period is to be the historical barometer of that

time; the role of landscape painting as a critique of industrialisation and

colonialism is as lost as the religious stories embedded in the rich

allegorical paintings in the churches of Italy.


Art of Protest Gallery encourages urban contemporary conversations

on environment, consumption, identity and the global audience. Visual

experiences which require an emotional response and demand your

attention. Come see and disagree, or not.