Veduta Delle Rovine Romane (Watercolour)

Veduta Delle Rovine Romane (Watercolour)


Archival Pigment Inks on debossed 310gsm Cotton Rag.

ED. /25

This piece is a captivating fusion of the classical and contemporary, drawing inspiration from Piranesi's engravings but injecting a modern twist with graffiti elements. The piece seamlessly blends the intricate details and architectural grandeur reminiscent of Piranesi's work with the bold and expressive strokes of street art. At first glance you do not notice anything out of place, but on closer inspection the modern elements of polluted waterways and graffiti come to view. Gjoen's ability to merge these seemingly disparate styles results in an artwork that feels both timeless and edgy. The graffiti elements, though distinctly modern, harmoniously coexist with the natural flow of the original engraving, creating a unique and visually striking composition. This creation by Magnus Gjoen not only pays homage to artistic traditions but also pushes the boundaries of conventional art, offering viewers a fresh and dynamic experience.

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 60 cm / 23 34"
Width 50 cm / 19 "