Cigarette Break - Framed

Cigarette Break - Framed


Tray Framed. Acrylic on Hessian.

Each original comes with a special edition hand made picture book for grown ups.

Cecile's first collection to be shown at The Art of Protest York, like much of
Cecile's creativity, has an autobiographical origin. Titled, The Wake Up Ritual,
this collection is born of the personal experience for trying to rediscover her mojo
as an artist after a break while looking after a loved one.

Her year of being a carer had a detaching affect from her playful pink bunny
headed alter ego made famous on the streets of Buenos Aires over the previous
decade. The pink bunny had been a known motif within the many murals and
gorilla pop up artworks in the urban art scene of Buenos Aires since the start of
the millennium.

The blue headed bunny featuring in The Wake-up Ritual is the alter ego post the
period of change. The emotional challenges that we all face, as life throws things
at us to deal with, can never be undone. The new experience becomes part of
who we are and who we were becomes a little removed. A component of this
collection sees Cecile depicting her creativity as a blob that she tries to reconnect
with and absorb into the changed person she is. Made up of 9 originals and a
short run signed limited edition collection its a pleasure for us at The Art of Protest
Gallery to share this Latin American perspective on a universal life experience.

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Height 126 cm / 49 34"
Width 93 cm / 36 34"