Political Satire as a means of public engage has a long history and tradition in the UK, and European, politics as a whole. WeFail, the Manchester based ex-website, and graphic design, guru to the stars
understands how to point into the shadows of power in the same way Hogarth and Gillray who ravaged the holders of power in 18th and 19th centuries. WeFail picks up the baton of political satire from these greats, then applies the fine art/horror techniques more familiar in the work of Goya, Dix and Bacon. The passion and authenticity in WeFail's social commentary and cultural interjection is a powerful voice in 21st century Britain. Twitter and online viewers have enjoyed his fast moving
criticism but now for the first time in a gallery can a body of his original handmade work be seen and collected. Particularly over the Covid-19 crisis which has engulfed the world in 2020 WeFail's work has been used in the newspapers, television and media as a comprehendible motif of disbelief and anger. When it has strayed into the public eye as in May 2020 when the Daily Mail and the Conservative party attacked the artwork as a disgrace WeFail posted his response via Facebook
'Disgraceful', what's really disgraceful is having the highest death rate in Europe, by choice; and adding on Twitter, 'never apologise for my art'. Art of Protest Gallery prides ourselves on art that makes a viewer look. WeFail soars above this bar of entry and as the first gallery to dare to exhibit original work to own we are proud to spread the word on genuinely cutting edge political satire.