Pure Evil was born Charles Uzzell Edwards in South Wales in 1968. He grew up in a world of art thanks to his father, Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards . The father's artwork undoubtedly impacted his son, demonstrated in a range of influences from Cubism to Minimalism, from Picasso to Chagall. The physical and cultural landscape of the 1990's
U.S. intrigued and beckoned the young Pure Evil, and upon completing his studies in graphics and fashion in London he picked up his skateboard and set off for California's West Coast. He established himself in San Francisco, working for the Anarchic Adjustment clothing label as a clothing designer / pattern cutter / graphic designer. He produced countless t-shirt graphics for screen printing, dropped in on the West Coast rave scene, and travelled to Japan where West Coast Streetwear was a hot item. Pure Evil also became involved in the musical
fabric of San Francisco and DJ'ed and was an electronic recording artist for Pete Namlook's ambient electronic music label, FAX (based in Frankfurt, Germany). Back in London, PURE EVIL fell in with the people involved in Bansky's "Santa's Ghetto," and he started creating prints for Pictures on Walls. When the U.S. denied Pure Evil's application for re-entry it was a 'Deus ex Machina' (Gods Machine) moment for him, where his life changed direction in a completely unplanned way. There was no
return to the USA possible for 10 years.  The artist set up shop in a small shed in the Black Mountains of Wales and started collaging and making stencils. After a productive period of isolation and soul searching he moved back to London and prepared for his first Pure Evil exhibition in 2006.