Prefab77 is an artist working out of Newcastle for more than 20 years on large street art projects as well as fine art and limited edition print runs but essentially renowned for the finest quality graphic street arts. Peter Manning, the man behind Prefab77 has taken this creative principle to the highest level. Peter's earliest design and print making experience was within Her Majesty's British Army but his creativity and eye for the zeitgeist were soon coveted by the fashion and marketing industries.
Opportunities took him to New York, living and working in the lower east side of Manhattan on Nolita's Elizabeth Street. This is the early to mid 1990's, where the rough and ready street culture rubbed up against the guarded jewellery stores emerging as the gentrification took hold. The
contrast of urban street culture and brand sensibilities, layers of high value fashion tags jarring with torn posters and neglected corners of the city inform Prefab77's unique style and aesthetic then and now. Prefab77 has worked with Nike, Converse, GAP, Keds snowboards as well as creating the covert art for The New York Dolls final studio album Dancing Backwards in High Heels. At the same time he is creating fine art shows at the Electrik Sheep Gallery for Banksy, Eine, Swoon, Pure Evil and Eelus. The influence and experiences in artists' lives are often there to be read in the art they create, comparisons and relationships to Swoon, Faile and Obey are not out of place but Prefab77 is unique. He stitches together the iconography and pop cultures of Britishness, music, money and religion in a way where patches and motifs, often complementing fashion or political portraiture, form a beautiful eclectic whole. From the chaos born of the multitude of detail in Prefab77's work he brings
the Art of Protest a potted history of himself, a globalised Britain and art now. Let us entertain you with his contemporary fairy tales of Gangs, Goddesses and Groupies all through the prism of fine art.