Pam Glew

British mixed media artist Pam Glew is known for her distinctive use of fabric, flags, and bleached canvases. Her current body of work focuses on still lifes, featuring everyday objects set in domestic scenes such as alcohol bottles, flowers, and books. Employing a layered technique, Glew begins with a collage of found papers and fabrics, followed by whimsical, quick drawings, painted in a vibrant colour palette characterised by striking contrasts.

Drawing inspiration from her theatrical background, Glew infuses her pieces with a carnivalesque aesthetic, marked by vivid neons, exuberant flowers, and harlequin patterns. In her latest series, flowers in bottles, she juxtaposes well-known alcoholic bottles with blooms, creating a fusion of Vanitas and memento mori themes, while offering a light-hearted exploration of contemporary life.

Glew's art has reached audiences on an international scale, with solo shows in major cities including London, Paris, and Sydney, as well as participation in esteemed institutions such as Dallas Contemporary and Honolulu Museum of Art. Pam has produced numerous commissions for renowned brands including Ralph Lauren, Armani, MTV and Microsoft. Notably, her work is housed in collections such as Saatchi & Saatchi London, Mitsubishi Bank, and various private collections around the globe.