Kevin Devonport

Kevin Devonport is an Award-winning UK emerging artist, currently based at Assembly House studios in Leeds. It could be said that he has had a somewhat unorthodox entry into the Art world as he originally learnt to paint whilst serving a prison sentence for drug offences. Art has therefore had a significant impact on Kevin's life by allowing him to re-invent himself as an Artist. Despite not having any formal artistic qualifications, he does hold a First-Class Honours BSc in Sociology that does have an influence on much of his work. In the short time he has become an Artist he has become increasingly recognised. He won a national Koestler award, whilst in prison, for painting at London's South Bank Centre and since has gained other awards: The Leonardo de Vinci International artist award in Florence, The Olympic art prize 2021 and The Carravagio Master Artist award presented in Milan. His work has now featured across the UK and Europe in a number of prominent exhibitions; with his story and artworks being covered extensively within the UK press.