Greg Jeffs spent his younger days surfing the waves of Newquay, sand by day but brush by night, spraying and drawing original works on surf boards. American Quantum artist Drew Brophy fuelled Greg's curiosity. Brophy's revered board work tied in with Greg's vision: an awesomely designed vessel was a must round his way; this turned out lucrative. The progression from boards to skin was quick once Greg saw that his transferable skill would be better used as a tattooist. Inking skin and producing art have equal billing of worth in his eyes, "I have always drawn as long as I can remember. I started with art and then went to tattooing; now, I would say it's about 50/50. Most of my art is drawn from a tattooing style. I love black and dot work. Skeletons are kinda a thing of mine as well." Both mediums manifest positives that he favours. With Lockdown proving puzzling and new territory for existence, the familiar buzz of tattooing was a no go, so stuck inside, painting and drawing became a creative outlet. "I started talking to the curator Craig Humble after I created a drawing for the NHS during the first lockdown. Craig kept in touch and asked if I fancied doing something on paper for the gallery; obviously, I jumped at the chance to be in there with the other amazing artists, so I worked on a few pieces. "I love the works of Schoph, Prefab77, Mojoko, Danny Larsen. Then there are all the amazing tattoo artists, so great to stroll around a tattoo convention and get loads of inspiration from the unbelievable talent on show."