Chloe McCarrick

Chloe McCarrick is an internationally recognised fine art photographer and mixed-media printmaker. From her London studio and darkroom, she creates bespoke, original and limited edition prints and gifts.

Best known for her circular cyanotypes, Chloe embraces and develops innovative ways of reworking photographic images through collage and mixed-media print techniques, and by blending science, darkroom alchemy and art.

"I hope people are empowered by the story behind each piece and that the subject matter ignites imaginations and a curiosity to delve deeper."

The work explores the boundless possibilities of image production in the age of modern printmaking with an aim to reinvent, recycle, redefine, experiment and preserve.
Female empowerment, natural history and science are recurring themes across the work, constructing visual narratives from the lives of extraordinary, trailblazing women - celebrating their achievements, uncovering their struggles and telling the stories of these often unsung heroes.

"The key emotion is to feel connected - connected to the story, the techniques and the science behind the work, and to be connected to the elements of nature I introduce to explore human experience and the relationship between each of us, and the world we live in."

Chloe McCarrick regularly exhibits internationally, appearing at the prestigious Salon De Beaux Arts in Paris, The Affordable Art Fair in London and New York, and The Other Art Fair, curated by Saatchi Art, in London and Los Angeles.