Alexandra Gallagher

Lancashire born graphic artist Alexandra Gallagher studied and developed her visual language through the noughties absorbing the iconography and principles of that richly creative
time. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally including with Saatchi and across various art fairs. Fairytale graphic collages evoke the surreal across Alexandra's work. Motifs and montages contrast the classical subjects of fine art with 50's icons and formalist geometry all
brought to life with contemporary techniques bonding the whole. Often working on large public scale paste ups for street art events around the UK; but is most noted for her coveted and collected limited edition fine art prints. Alexandra in inspired by anything and everything, stories emerge from accidental conversations and occurrences that she reinterprets with the visual language of fashion, advertising, design and society as a whole. She is a luscious addition to the Art of Protest Gallery, fitting our mantra of art that demands a double take perfectly. "I take influence from everything around me - like every artist…we all have a story to tell, something interesting that is unique to all of us, as an individual. I love people watching. Looking at people and seeing how I could translate that into a piece of art - from my own perspective."