Sailing The Pink Sea Heimskort - Framed

Sailing The Pink Sea Heimskort - Framed


Conservation Framed with AR70 Glass.

The once steely blue ocean has been flushed with a hydrous pink in this post apocalyptic reimagining of the natural world. A kaleidoscope of colour whispers with other worldly energy, elevating the life within it.

A land where monkeys leap and caterpillars roam, devouring Europe in one undulating wave. Aloft fly cosmopolitan birds and flitting butterflies, reflective of the constant ebb and flow of movement across the continents, a shifting landmass stunningly framed by luminous, gem-like flowers and dalmatian-spotted orchids.

Rivers of the world run in brightest blue, re-stating their prominence as energy giving lifelines, while the Arctic Archipelago, caressed in tiger-orange, bequeathes a strength that belies their fragility.

A pair of lapis-blue giraffes stand majestically, framing the world with their regal aura, nodding their heads in respect and approval for this new order. Free of the baked Savannah, traditional camouflage is no longer required - rather, their resplendent coats mirror the departed blue ocean. This, the tallest terrestrial creature, with its enhanced sight of the horizon, oozes ambition and confidence, all the while contemplating its connection to the complex tribulations of evolution.

A predatorial tiger sits in repose, unequivocally in the centre of the whole piece, a counterpoint to his fragmented natural habitat. Perhaps paradoxically adorned by the horns of its prey, or upon closer inspection, veiled behind a feathered mask. This sacred symbol of unquestioning courage, powers the new world over which he presides. Nestled by the tiger's feet, cacti; these mysterious, evolutionary trailblazers, literally blooming with the possibilities of a new dawn, while their hard, protective exteriors symbolise endurance and strength. Sprays of medicinal herbs signify healing and protection; a partnership determined to survive and thrive in this brave new world.

Giclee on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm.

ED. /325

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 48.8 cm / 19 "
Width 84.1 cm / 33 14"