Geological Map of British Isles - Framed

Geological Map of British Isles - Framed


Conservation framed with AR70 Glass.

Kristjana's latest map artwork of Great Britain takes its inspiration from a geological survey; a study of the rock masses and mineral resources of the islands. Discover earth elements and geological representations alongside animals of the mountains. Ibex, Antelope and Mountain Goat scale and explore the soaring apexes of the Great British Isles, and a distant seething volcano evokes the ever present shifting of ancient tectonic plates. Plants burgeon from the rugged tundra, revealing the signs of evolution within their corolla; petals depict russet shell fossils and cobalt crystals, and tree canopies are heavy with emerald minerals. Pre-historic creatures and footprints left by the dinosaurs contrast with elements of human endeavour - early navigation tools hang from wheels and chains; fossil light bulbs and the tools for geology, while exploration-bound ships head for distant lands.

Giclée on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm.

ED. /175

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 85.5 cm / 33 34"
Width 66 cm / 26 "