About When

About When


Original - Mixed media on sewn canvas.

For Cécile this is a tour de force work of art which represents 23 years of working through ideas, joys and whims. The fragments' of earlier artwork which she has reimagined into "(About When)" is hundreds of hours of labour on top of the years of creativity.

It is an exercise of extreme recycling by any measure. Made up of 30 strips of 45 7cm x 7cm triangles totalling 1350 triangles of lived life. These triangles are cut out of more than 16 old paintings from her time as a fine artist (4 landscapes, 7 self-portraits, 5 from the random inventory series, a piece of Babylon and a secret)

Cécile's work is often about cycles, and sometimes about revisiting old work to create new. This piece is paying homage to those paintings that have done their cycle and were ready to become something new. The very process is also paying homage to her own history and development as an artist.

The making of it became a sort of spiritual meditation brought about by the repetitive work, and further enhanced by the triangle shapes and the gold details.

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Height 217 cm / 85 12"
Width 170 cm / 67"