Blue Wig - Framed

Blue Wig - Framed


Framed in Black Grain Langham Frame with white hand painted wooden slip.

Previously Keith's art page recently got suspended with no explanation from FB apart from being sent a 91 page terms and conditions with no indication of what 'rule' I had allegedly broke.

Facebook is a drug, an addiction (loser/user) on the braces holding up his trousers 3 badges 'GET' 'A' 'LIFE'. In his right hand he is holding a 'wad' of £20 notes, in the left hand a like/love symbol (paying to be popular/loved) iconography on the right arm are emojis - anger, evil, laughing, 'shit' and 'ssshh' keep quiet. On his left arm the words - censored and reality.

The blue wig represents someone trying to hide / disguise / change, their true identity, someone hiding behind a computer not being true to who they really are, blue also being the colour of the FB branding.

Oil on Italian Canvas.

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 98 cm / 38 34"
Width 118 cm / 46 "