Original Cyanotype, handmade paper, chemically painted, heat treated copper leaf.

Handmade recycled cotton rag paper:
320gsm & 640gsm / 100% Cotton Rag / Recycled / Acid Free / Medium Rough

This artwork was inspired by Polish-born physicist, chemist and a pioneer in the study of radiation, Marie Curie. She was the first woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize and is the only person, male or female, to receive two Nobel Prizes in different scientific fields. Through her legendary achievements in science and an obsessive dedication to her work, Curie set a shining example for future generations of researchers. This chemical heroine was indeed one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century.

Nobel Marie was created by constructing a hand-cut collage using female photographic portraiture, photograms made from antique slides of microscopic cells, and a Blue Morpho butterfly. The model's portrait was taken on film and hand printed in the darkroom then the other elements collaged on top. The microscopic cells were printed in the darkroom from antique medical slides and
the blue morpho butterfly was placed inside the photographic enlarger and printed. The butterfly symbolises rebirth, life, hope and metamorphosis and is used to represent and celebrate Curies life's work. A pioneer in the study of radiation, Curie had no idea of the dangers inherent in exposure to radioactive elements, working with radioactive materials ultimately killed her. She died of a
blood disease in 1934. At the expense of her own health, Marie's efforts protected others from dangerous exposure to radiation. She gave her life so other people could live. After coating the handmade paper with light-sensitive chemistry, it is left to dry in a dark room. The large scale negative is then printed onto the paper by exposure to daylight (UV rays). The print is then processed by thoroughly washing in water to remove any unexposed solution. It can then be hung to dry, developing to full density Prussian blue after 24 hours. Once the image is fixed it is hand finished with chemical washed and heat treated copper leaf, producing a varied patina of rich pinks, orange and gold tones.

Signed by the Artist.

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Height 21 cm / 8 12"
Width 21 cm / 8 12"
Depth 3 cm / 1 "