Ancestor Stone

Ancestor Stone


Caen limestone (on Sandstone base).

H 40cm x W 27cm x D 5cm / Base: : 6cm x W 33cm x D 9cm

I created this sculpture in response to Ukrainian's ongoing humanitarian disaster. It is a close recreation of the ancient stone monuments known as 'baba', 'bovvan or balbal' stones carved in slabs of rock to honour their departed ancestors. It was believed that the souls of the dead were reborn with the sunrise so, like the Egyptian pyramids, these Neolithic kurgan helped the deceased pass over to the next world. Dating from 4000 - 3000 BCP, Ukrainian Ancestor Stones are a powerful symbol of their presence and culture so deeply rooted in this region.

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Height 46 cm / 18 14"
Width 33 cm / 13 "
Depth 9 cm / 3 "