Here, Now & Beyond

HERE- It really was and amazing 2018 at the Art Of Protest Gallery

After an amazing end of 2018  from January 18th we are having 10 days away from the gallery visiting artists and preparing 2019. An exclusive merchandise launch, our first exhibition “Brexit Through the Gift Shop” and the craziness that is our annual Birthday bash and exhibition.  


NOW - The Art Of Protest Gallery shares it’s space

While we are away the gallery will still be open with SyndicArt taking the helm. They are a group of  collectors we have worked with over the past 8 years who have grown a substantial collection of artwork by artists from the 1960’s with a connection with pop music and popular culture. They will be exhibiting, and offering for sale, parts of their collection including Andy Warhol associated works, Ronnie Wood, Bob Dylan, Doctor Seuss and some emerging artists whose work has been inspired by the SydicArt collection. Pop in and see the these guys and hear their story of collecting art over the past 20 years.


BEYOND - Art of Protest Gallery is planning an exciting 2019 for you👀

Jeff and Craig are still available on their mobiles and usual emails to continue any conversations or enquiries. The website and online shop is functioning as normal so feel free to keep placing orders and enquires through there while Jeff and Craig a whizzing around the world. We can’t wait to share more about the plans for 2019 when we will be either in, out or shaking it all about with the county’s relationship with Europe. Watch this space. Craig n Jeff. 

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