Miss Hazard


Hazard is a graffiti artist, illustrator and designer. Having spray-painted for over 11 years she was recognised in The Guardian's Top 5 female graffiti artists in the UK, followed by the Top 25 female street artists by The Huffington Post. Hazard's work is bright, bold and easily recognisable through her large peaceful female characters with detailed hair and headscarves. She has created stage sets for Glastonbury, Boomtown and worked with Sustrans, Best Western Hotels and many more. Now based in Barcelona, she is making the most of the dry weather and has many big walls and projects lined up across Europe. Her most recent project took her to the Arizona - Mexico border where she spray-painted a giant mural on a warehouse in the mining town of Ajo. Hazard has a busy schedule ahead which includes a launches of new work at the ‘Art Of Protest Gallery.


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