Land artist and photographer, originally from the UK, J.SEE is a multi media artist who works with multi layered images but predominately 35mm black and white negative film which he then hand processes in a dark room, always seeking the perfect way to help cast a light through his work onto the window of life.


He spends work life living with the people who inhabit the localities he is visiting, walking, listening and observing before picking up his camera and documenting. He then returns to the dark room to bring to life his experience through the processing of the negatives. He then adds paint and mixed media to the finished work to complete it, this is done in subtle ways which reflect his observations on the life for the local inhabitants, helping the viewer to build a relationship with the work, extending a hand and inviting you in to the picture and the narrative that lies behind it.


J.SEE started his work life in the creative world through learning both the technical and artistic elements of photography, going on to work on some significant shoots, and collaborating with major brands such as Calvin Kline and Ted Baker. He then went on to consult for other major brand, his love of travel and need to see the world led him to train in expedition leadership and he went on to visit such places as Iceland, South Africa, the Sinai peninsula and across the Atlas mountains in Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico and the United States and most recently Cuba.


He is looking to create three major bodies of work over the next two year as part of a retrospective collection.


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