Cecile Perret

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I was born in the south of Argentina in 1977, from French and Belgian parents. I lived in several places, both in Argentina and abroad: France, Italy, Belgium. My partner is

Norwegian and we live splitting our time between Uruguay and Norway. My whole

existence is shaped by this fabulous cocktail of places and people!

One thing always remains the same though: I love drawing and painting, I’ve been doing it ever since I can remember, and I’m a lucky and hard working one,

I do it for a living!


I would say I'm basically self-taught, even though I spent some time at a younger age in a couple of artists’ studios, and a bit more in college and university starting a Graphic Design career that I fortunately never followed.

I exposed my work in different cities Buenos Aires, Paris, Milan, San Francisco, Berlin, Porto Alegre, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo, T.nsberg, Oslo, an York

and many different environments, from the white walls of renowned galleries, to the notsowhite walls out in the street. I breathe in inspiration from those two very different worlds. I love that range and the challenges it brings along, as much as I love traveling, changing places.


My work is usually developed in series, and can fluctuate within different topics. It can even vary a lot from one series to the next, depending on what's going on in my life. But I feel there's an undercurrent, a red thread bringing sense to the whole as a story, a tale full of symbols and alter egos, about feelings and personal experience.

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